Medvedev named the main problems of agriculture in Russia

Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council, Dmitry Medvedev called the problems in Russian agriculture that need to be addressed to ensure food security of the country.

"It is not surprising that foreign seed is much more in demand among our farmers than domestic... This directly contradicts the principles established doctrine. So you need to think about how to centralize the work of seed selection: from research to implementation into production", - said Medvedev at the meeting on the implementation of the provisions of the food security doctrine of the Russian Federation. He added that this issue can be the most difficult, "which we still have little success".

According to him, another problem is associated with the development of dairy farming. "Also the theme is not new," - said Medvedev. He noted that "we need to improve the genetic potential of animals depends on the production of milk, and to change the approaches to the breeding work". "We do not have in the direction of the state information system that would carry out a detailed analysis of the work of organizations that, in fact, form the base of genetic resources," he said.

The third problem Medvedev outlined in the trafficking of farmland. "Let me remind you that during the period from 1990 to 2018, due to certain economic reasons, there has been a sharp reduction of surface area from 639 million to 383 million hectares," - said Medvedev, adding that the available space is not used about 44 million hectares.

As stated by the Chairman of the security Council of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to increase the efficiency of the inventory of such areas. "The involvement of new lands requires improvement of the whole system, including reclamation," - said Medvedev, noting that this complex in the country was created in 1960-1970-ies.

"In some regions, it's just pathetic, he just degraded and was stolen at some period. Clearly, it is a great investment, very large, because it is a capital-intensive sector, but, nevertheless, today, more than 70% of the irrigation and drainage systems need a serious upgrade," said he. According to him, it is necessary "to think about a separate state program that will be devoted to solving these problems."

Medvedev also pointed to the problem of illegal trafficking of agricultural products. He reminded about the open borders with member States of the Eurasian economic Union. "Dishonest market participants who carry out the export of agricultural products, including grain, without issuing shipping documents. Here need control, we need a public information system for operative measures for preventing the illegal trafficking of agricultural products at the borders with our partners. I mean, in this case, Kazakhstan and Belarus", - said Medvedev, stressing the need for cooperation between Supervisory authorities.