In Abkhazia condemned the proposal of the party Prilepin on joining Russia

The Parliament and the Abkhazian foreign Ministry criticized the proposal of the party For "the truth", whose leader is the Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin about the referendum on the inclusion of Republic in structure of Russia.

Earlier, the party "For the truth," stated the need for a referendum on accession to Russia of Abkhazia and South Ossetia the rights of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

"The submission of this electoral program of the Russian political party encourages us to publicly urge the leaders of parties and public movements carefully study the specifics and the political status of States in respect of which officially voiced certain intentions," according to the foreign Ministry of the Republic.

In Parliament said that this kind of initiative is extremely negatively perceived by the people of Abkhazia and do not contribute to the strengthening of good neighborly and friendly relations between the two countries.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs, in turn, has reminded that since 1993, the Republic is a sovereign, independent state whose status is enshrined in the 1994 Constitution and 1999 according to the results of the national referendum Act on the state independence.

"At the same time Abkhazia respects the free choice of citizens of other States in favor of membership in another state or inter-state enterprises", - said the press service of the foreign Ministry.