The Federation Council will study the world experience in combating the gray salaries

In the Scenarios intend to study the world experience in combating the "gray" wages legally wages must be beneficial to employers and employees, said the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on budget and fenningham Anatoly Artamonov.

The Senator held a roundtable on the theme: "Gray" wages: problems and ways of their solution".

Earlier Artamonov spoke in favor of stricter liability for wages "in envelopes", including criminal.

According to the MP, to address the issue to combat the "gray" salaries need to study global best practices. "This is a huge reservoir of future legislative activities. Soon we will form an expert group that will work in this direction", - said Artamonov.

The MP noted that according to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation about 30-40% of Russians are "gray" wages, while its volume exceeded 10 trillion rubles annually. "In shadow employment involved about 25 million people, or 32.5 percent of the economically active population", cited data from the legislator.

According to the Senator, the resulting pandemic and the onset due to the negative economic consequences exacerbated the existing problem. "Competition in the labor market is so large that workers often have to settle for not the best conditions for himself, to get a position, including the salary in envelopes", - said Artamonov.

As noted by the MP, has already taken a number of measures aimed at stimulating the exit of business out of the shadows: reduced rates of insurance contributions for small and medium-sized businesses that pay their employees wages not below the minimum wage, improving special tax regimes.

Thus, according to him, the question of payment of "gray" wages requires a balanced, informed decisions. "This problem is too costly to the state and regional budgets, the regions will lose about 5-10% of its annual budget. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the business community, for which the payment of wages in envelopes is a way to survive and be competitive now," said the legislator.

So on the one hand "we need to increase the responsibility for these entrepreneurs, on the other hand - to increase their interest and the interest of the employees of such companies to emerge from the shadows", says the head of the Federation Council Committee.