The headquarters of Babariko filed in the Central election Commission of Belarus four new complaints

The headquarters of candidate for presidency of Belarus, former head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko filed to the CEC of the Republic, four new complaints about a substantial rejection of the signatures collected in support of nomination politics, said staff lawyer Maxim Sign.

Earlier, the CEC of Belarus has published the summary statistics of valid signatures in support of each of the seven participants in the presidential election. From this it follows that 100 thousand valid signatures required for the registration of candidates for the presidency, gathered six people, including Babariko. In support of 165 744 recognized as a valid signature. However, the staff of the policy disagreed and noted that he gave to the territorial election commissions 365,000 signatures, and therefore "want to know what happened to the other 200 000". In this regard, the Commission were filed a number of complaints.

"We have applied to the CEC four new complaints. One of them is the invalidation of a significant number of signatures has 12 pages and quite a lot of reason for the recognition of these signatures. The second complaint concerns the regional and city commissions on elections, the third - against the refusal of the city Commission to present us with the materials of the case, and the fourth is that there is still no published information on the recognition of signatures on the official website," reads the statement of the Sign, posted on the website of Babariko on Tuesday.

The lawyer also noted that most of the signatures in support of bobariko were rejected on the basis of expert opinion. As suggested by Mark, we are talking about the fact that the signature and date the signature sheet was allegedly placed by different people.

"If you take all the signatures, the CEC considered put into Commission, had to be checked from 73 000 to 128 000. The examination lasted for three days. For handwriting examination time and resources. If you break the order and time for research is clearly insufficient examination cannot be considered reliable and admissible evidence," said Mark.

He also drew attention that "on the background of the rejection of a large part of the signatures on the second plan moved the story of the inclusion of citizens in precinct election commissions". The Sign assured that the lawyers will also act as the "work of the administrations are serious violations". "We will send the relevant documents to the General Prosecutor and other authorities to restore the rights of citizens, as the primary appeal, this was not possible," he said.

Presidential elections will be held in Belarus on 9 August.