In the Voronezh region have extended the regime of self-isolation

Voronezh authorities have extended until July 20 introduced in the region due to the spread of the coronavirus mode of isolation, the regional government reported.

In the Voronezh region in March introduced the mode of increased readiness because of the coronaviruses and the mode of universal isolation. The restrictive measures were extended until the end of may, and may 12, in the region entered mask mode. Authorities 20 may announced the first stage of the Voronezh region from regime of restrictions planned in early June to begin the second phase, however, the region began the growing number of cases per day. As a result, the mode of isolation was extended through June 14, then extended until June 21, then June 28 to July 5, then until 7 July.

"Self-isolation for people over 65 years continues with paid sick. Mode isolation extended to July 20, inclusive," - said in the message.

In the fully allowed region retail trade, including shopping centers, open spas, massage parlors, saunas, bathhouses.

"Run children's holidays with unprecedented security measures in the camps. There are all the resolution and recommendations of the CPS. The number of children in groups of no more than 50% of design capacity", - informs the regional government.

Thus, according to him, is not allowed to work camps.

Also allowed health treatments in the Spa subordinate organizations. However, there is not permitted the admission of people over 65 years of age. Also does not work while a sanatorium for veterans of the great Patriotic war under the jurisdiction of the Department of social protection.

In the Voronezh region COVID-19 was confirmed in 8644 people. Recovered 6318 patients, 63 died.

The number of cases of the Voronezh region takes the third place in the CFA. In the field since the beginning of June there was a daily increase in the number of cases COVID-19. 1 through June 7 in the region of six times the daily number of recorded cases of coronavirus exceeded 100. From 8 to 17 June in the Voronezh region daily recorded more than 200 cases COVID-19. From 22 June the rate of increase began to decrease.

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