Media reported about the new tests s-400 against the F-16 in Turkey

The Turkish military has begun testing new anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 against American fighters F-16 and F-4 at the airbase Myurted near Ankara, said the Fighter Jets World.

According to the information portal, tests began on 4 July and runs until 26 November.

At the same time, Turkey, the newspaper notes, ignored warning US about possible sanctions in case of start of the test.

Fighter Jets World quotes from the message of the leadership of the province, according to which the aircraft will fly on high and low altitudes.

Last fall, the Turkish military also tested the s-400 against the American fighter jets that flew over Ankara at different heights, and the system controlled the skies over the Turkish capital.

Buy Russian s-400 has provoked a crisis in relations between Ankara and Washington. Delivery of the systems began last summer, however, the American authorities demanded that the Turkish partners to abandon the deal and buy a Patriot. In the case of the refusal of the United States threatened to delay or even cancel the sale to Turkey of F-35 and to impose sanctions, however, Ankara has refused to make concessions.

Russia has fulfilled the first contract for the supply of Turkey's four battalions of s-400 in the amount of $ 2.5 billion. Subsequently, the parties reached agreement on the second batch.