Riyadh has called for pressure on Iran from the UN report

Riyadh after a UN report on attacks on oil installations in the country said the international community must exert pressure on Iran, the report said the Saudi Embassy in Russia.

In mid-June, Reuters reported, citing a report by the UN chief Antonio Guterres said that the cruise missiles used in attacks on state oil company Saudi Aramco and the airport in Saudi Arabia to 2019, was "of Iranian origin". The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iran rejected the report of the UN Secretariat. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the evidence of Iranian involvement in the attack on Saudi oil facilities in the UN report no.

"The international community must exert pressure on Iran to change its behavior in support of terrorism and (force - ed.) to refrain from conducting an aggressive foreign policy towards the region and the world," said charge d'affaires of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in the Russian Federation Mohammed Bin Saadi al-Ghamdi.

According to him, the results of a UN report on attacks on oil installations in Saudi Arabia "requires action in conformity with international law ... against Iran and its nuclear and ballistic programs." "The Kingdom has invited international experts to participate in the investigation and to demonstrate the truth about what happened", - stated in the message.

Al-Ghamdi added that Riyadh has all the capabilities to protect their infrastructure supported by the latest technology.

In late September of 2019, the facilities at the oilfields Abqaiq and Juris was attacked, Saudi Arabia has lost more than half of the oil production. Responsibility for attack was assumed by the rebels of the movement "Ansar Allah" (Houthis) who control the North of Yemen and the border with the Kingdom areas. However, Riyadh has said that the Houthis could not stand for this attack, because caught in the oil facilities of a cruise missile flew in different direction and blamed in attack Iran, but Tehran denied the accusations.