In the state Duma will develop a list of insults to the project on fines for officials

The state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation, will develop a list of insults to the second reading of the draft on punishment for officials for rudeness, said a member of the Committee Viktor Pinsky (United Russia).

The state Duma on Tuesday adopted in the first reading the draft law on fines of up to 150 thousand rubles for the rudeness of the officials. The authors of the initiative made by the Secretary of the General Council of the party United Russia, Deputy speaker of the Federation Council Andrey Turchak and the head of the Duma Committee on the information policy Alexander Khinshtein.

"It is necessary to exclude the possibility of broad interpretation of such concepts as "other humiliating forms of abuse", in the projected section 5.61 and to provide for a closed list of forms of abuse," said Pinsky at the meeting of the state Duma during the discussion of the project.

He added that under the closed list of insults means their "specific types", which will be presented in the list.

Hinstein, in turn, explained that officials will be held accountable regardless of whether they were at work or not.

"If the bill was written: "at execution" - then only in the office, "in connection with the implementation" - that means 24/7, in the garden, in turn, in social networks," - said the Deputy.