In Serbia, the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 330

In Serbia during day 13 patients died of the coronavirus that is the maximum of the pandemic, said the Ministry of health.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health, 13 patients with COVID-19 died in Serbia over the past day, the victims of the coronavirus steel 330 people identified 299 new infected, the total number of patients since the beginning of the pandemic was 16 719.

The number of municipalities in Serbia, where the regime introduced emergency due to pandemic COVID-19, on the eve reached 14 on the background incidence rate. Emergency mode introduced in cities and districts Lučani, Novi pazar, Tutin, Kragujevac, Vranje, Ivanytsya, Šabac, Cacca, Arilje, Kraljevo, Požega, užice, Priboj.

In Belgrade, a state of emergency was imposed on 3 July. Two weeks night clubs were closed from 23.00 to 6.00, as well as cafés and restaurants, which have no open areas. In dormitories imposed stricter control over the observance of epidemiological measures. In Belgrade, several medical centers have been previously transferred to work with patients COVID-19, the authorities deploy a mobile hospital for 500 seats in the country's largest indoor "stark arena" and preorienting other hospitals.

Monday a penalty of 5 thousand dinars (about 43 Euro) in Serbia will be punished, who in shopping malls and transport is not wearing a protective mask. Mass meetings in closed spaces reduced to 100 people, in open space – up to 500 participants.

In Serbia, as in all the countries of the Western Balkans, last week recorded an increase in the incidence of coronavirus. As told RIA Novosti in the who country office in Belgrade, the reason is the weakening of restrictive measures by the authorities and their failure to citizens.

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