In Ukraine recorded the new hotbeds of forest fires

Several new forest fires occurred in the Luhansk region of Ukraine due to wind gusts, residents of two villages were evacuated, said on Tuesday the press service of the civil service of the country for emergency situations.

The fire in the two forest areas in the Novoaydarsky region of the Luhansk region emerged on Monday. On Tuesday rescuers managed to localize it on the area of 85 hectares.

"Due to gusty winds in the afternoon appeared a few forest fires (upland), which spread through the forest to the residential sector and Smolyaninovo Wolf of settlements of the Novoaydarsky area. Now is the evacuation of the residents of these settlements", - stated in the message of the state service for emergency situations.

On-site work 210 rescuers and 47 pieces of equipment from the Luhansk region, to help them profit more than 70 experts and 11 vehicles from the Donetsk region. In addition, fires will be joined by the Kharkiv and Poltava rescuers.

"The works on localization and liquidation of fire continue," - said the press service.