The head of "Mail of Russia" has asked Putin to support new projects of the company

The head of "Mail of Russia" Maxim Akimov asked the Russian President Vladimir Putin to support two new projects of the company in the field of electronic Commerce ("e-Mail-business") and the creation of social centres in the countryside.

"We have big plans for new products... we Have two ideas... and So we ask here for support, rather it is a coordinating nature. But I think these two stories for good development, and social and economic, would be very useful," - said Akimov at the meeting with Putin.

The first draft of the "Post-business" is a series of decisions related to digital Commerce. "E-Commerce has given us a significant increase in revenue by 2019, we exceeded 200 billion, starting in 2009 with 90. It's rapid growth. And the main increase, of course, provides e-Commerce and domestic" - said the head of the company.

He also noted that in a pandemic it is important to actually restart, small and medium enterprises. "Channels of online trading – it's the perfect story to start, but you have both provide measures of state support to give a good logistics. And Mail is the only organization that can from point to point (I don't take the capital), for example, from Chelyabinsk to Khabarovsk to deliver any shipment to provide "cloud services", accounting, commercial accounting, and, most importantly, to teach people how to do business online", - said Akimov. He said that this idea was discussed with the head of the "SME Corporation" Alexander Braverman.

According to Akimova, new solutions fully meet the draft national economic development plan, there is a corresponding event. "Therefore, we ask for Your support to integrate these measures, especially since they will not require additional large financial investments. This may be specific support measures related to the education of the people, not more," he said.

The second project concerns social centres in the countryside. For 10 million people "e-Mail" is a single point of state presence, said Akimov. "We have them there and shop and Bank and service center. Of course, if the right to allot the resources of government programs, without involving new resources (this is the program for state support of the village, on the social development of the village, the program "Digital economy"), the "Mail of Russia" – the perfect place. Here you can register a person in SPPs (single portal of public services), carry out easy medical diagnosis using wearable items (this pressure, pulse, measurement of sugar) at the appropriate preparations," he said. According to Akimova, it can be a financial services, training people, writing them to online courses.

"Of course, this can be a very powerful stimulus, the more we have 11 thousand branches in rural areas. We are aware of our responsibility. Despite the fact that working in the market, do not receive state subsidies, however, we need to be successful to this network to save," - concluded the head of "Mail of Russia".