Instead of tourists in the ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar came looters

Regularly looters trying to plunder the abandoned tourist temples in Bagan (pagan), the ancient capital of the eponymous Kingdom, which was located in modern day Myanmar, reports Gulf News.

In Bagan, who last year joined the list of UNESCO world heritage site, there are more than 3500 of ancient monuments, temples, frescoes and sculptures. Local authorities hoped that the new status will increase the number of tourists, but because of the pandemic, attractions and hotels are empty, and it attracts looters.

Only in the beginning of June in a series of break-ins at the Holy sites were looted 12 different churches, unique items stolen, including copper stupa, ancient coins and jade ornaments.

Some of the relics date back to the XI-XIII centuries, when Bagan was the capital of a regional Empire. "For the first time in decades, the object is so seriously injured, — says commander Myint than, Deputy Director of the archaeological Department in Bagan, When there were tourists, there were no robberies".

"We are working day and night, said police Lieutenant Colonel Sein Wines. — We have everything under control, but it is a difficult task".

Patrol teams on foot, by jeeps, motorcycles, — are scattered around the area, but the territory is large (50 square kilometers), in addition, there are many poisonous snakes. However, at the moment, the additional security prevented the break-ins.