Nur-Sultan explained the launch of the fireworks that caused the indignation of citizens

Fireworks on the city Day in Nur-Sultan, which caused outrage among the citizens, was organized on the money of the sponsors and had to raise the mood of the workers and ordinary citizens, said the akimat (administration) of the capital of Kazakhstan.

The day of the capital in Kazakhstan is a public holiday. It is celebrated on 6 July, the birthday of the first President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev, on Monday he was 80 years old. This year the administration of the capital because of the situation with coronavirus refused actions with a mass congestion of people, but the fireworks were still. A number of users of social networks, including residents of the city, considered it inappropriate against the background of rising deaths due COVID-19, acute shortage of beds in hospitals and shortage of medicines in pharmacies.

In Kazakhstan over the past day 1109 revealed new cases of infection coronavirus infection, the total number of registered cases COVID-19 reached 49 683. On July 6, the country recorded 264 deaths due to the coronavirus. The number of recovered patients is greater than 16 thousand.

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