Ural dumplings saved the hotel in Ekaterinburg from the devastation of a pandemic

The hotelier Sergei Derendjaeva from Ekaterinburg to restrictive measures due to the coronavirus had to mothball one of its two hotels, and the occupancy rate of the second dropped to 10%. For the sake of the staff and business owner of hotels have used the state support and started production of the famous Ural dumplings, and himself and delivered orders to their customers.

In the framework of the special project of RIA Novosti and the website stopmanager.of the Russian Federation "the Flight is normal. The history of entrepreneurs" Derendjaev told how missed guests for the months of the regime of isolation and how government support has helped to save the team.


My first emerald hotel complex of 45 rooms in Yekaterinburg Sergey Derendyaev opened four years ago, prior to that, he worked as the Director of a chain of hotels, but wanted to start their own business. Said that the main principle is continuous improvement, striving to make the stay of guests in the hotel as comfortable as possible. When it became clear that "emerald" is working successfully, Sergey made the decision to open a second hotel, and last year came the hotel "39 rooms".

The company for the year 2020 had big plans, almost all the rooms were booked almost to fall. At hotels on weekdays mostly stay travel and on weekends families with children, tourist groups. Coronavirus and related restrictions in the region, has seriously affected the hotel business of Yekaterinburg, although the hotels are not allowed to work under the restrictions were rest homes, health resorts.

He recognizes that the APR for business was the most disastrous month of the year, one property was loaded by only 10%. Except travel became ordinary tourists, because in Yekaterinburg, as well as throughout the country, closed museums, shopping centers, restaurants, did not become business and cultural events.

According to Derendjaeva, in the crisis before them was the main task – to save the team, and it was done due to government support and cost optimization. Both buildings of the hotel are in the lease, landlords went to meet the hotelier and reduced cost, have made installments.


In order to support business hotelier has started to offer a new service for citizens – the delivery of business Lunches in the nearby business centers, and dumplings. According to him, Ural dumplings they are always prepared for hotel guests, but when the city began to develop very fast delivery of ready meals, the company decided not to lag behind others.

According to him, the buyers appreciated the quality of the dumplings is appreciated. The company intends to continue to cook them to order even after the work of the hotels will be back on track.

He noted that he himself several times took delivery of dumplings for communication with customers, which are lacking lately.


Now "emerald" works, observing all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, staff use masks and gloves were installed in the hotel recyclers for disinfection of air, sanitizer. According to Derendjaeva, the same pace of operation of its hotels won't be back until next year. He sadly notes that it is unlikely that this year will arrive to Ekaterinburg foreign tourists, those who wanted to stay with him in the fall have begun to cancel your reservation, also, in his opinion, there will be children's groups. Sergey admits that he missed the hotel and its former atmosphere.