Tourist infected COVID-19, 72 hours traveled in Crete

A tourist from Romania, which has proved to be a positive test result for Covid-19, traveled to the island of Crete for at least 72 hours after arrival, according to Greece Greek Reporter.

A traveler came to Greece with the intention to spend a summer vacation on one of the most popular Islands of the country. After arriving at the international airport of Heraklion her tested for coronavirus, as indicated in the protocols established by the Greek government.

After check-in she was taken to the hotel that she had booked back in his hometown in Romania to make a guest could be isolated there for 24 hours waiting for test results.

However, when the tourist arrived at the scene, she saw that the hotel is closed. After which the traveler stayed at a different hotel.

Authorities went to the first hotel to inform the Romanian tourist on the results of tests that were positive. However, when officials arrived, they were unable to find as was not notified about the change of hotels.

After the woman was discovered, it turned out that she went to explore the island, violating all the instructions received upon arrival.

According to adventurer, she just didn't want to spoil your vacation. She was persuaded to return to quarantine the hotel, but this incident has alarmed both authorities and local residents of the island. Moreover, only a few days before the incident, two other tourists got positive for the virus without having any symptoms.