In North Ossetia, the dead boy, who stole money for treatment

The patient with leukemia boy from North Ossetia, from the account of the treatment which the crooks stole 500 thousand roubles, has died, according to the official account to raise funds for a child to Instagram.

In mid-June the interior Ministry of North Ossetia reported about detention of the criminal group, who abducted 500 thousand rubles from the account of a sick child. The Agency noted that on June 1, the child's mother was called by the unknown man, who reported about readiness to transfer 4 million rubles, but it is necessary to pay a fee in the amount of 500 thousand rubles. The woman transferred the money, but when he realized that he became a victim of fraud, contact the police.

According to the interior Ministry, the alleged organizer was a man born in 1992, which at the time of the crime was in prison in Orenburg region, from where he made telephone calls to victims. The police, as noted by the Agency, found that a man imprisoned for accounting fraud, translated the stolen money to their friends, in addition, failed to establish that he was involved in similar crimes in other regions of the country. According to the interior Ministry of the region in the past, this person worked as the Director of the regional Fund of children-orphans, left without parental care.

On the given fact criminal case under article of the criminal code "Fraud committed on a large scale". To malefactors threatens till 6 years of imprisonment.