The UN has described two scenarios for the world after the pandemic coronavirus

UN chief Antonio Guterres in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet described two scenarios that await the world after a pandemic coronavirus infection.

The first, "optimistic" means that the country will cope with the current situation. North state develop a successful recovery plan, and developing — will receive assistance. Guterres also expressed hope that a vaccine for the coronavirus appears for nine months and it will be available for all. In his opinion, if the events will develop in this direction, and the economy will recover, the world will begin to move in the direction to two to three years to return to normal.

However, the UN Secretary General spoke about the "worst-case" scenario, if countries do not coordinate actions. In his opinion, will be new outbreak of the virus and the situation in developing countries will worsen. It is also possible that the work on a vaccine will be delayed or it will begin a tough competition and it will get the countries with economic opportunities.

"If this scenario comes to fruition, we will see how to grow segregation, populism and xenophobia", — emphasized in the article.

In addition, according to Guterres, each country will live independently, but the world will not be able to organize the unified management to solve common problems. As a result, warns the UN Secretary General, there may be a global depression that will last at least five to seven years before formed "new normal". The article also notes that it is difficult to say in what direction the world moves, but everything possible must be done to prepare for the worst. Pandemic needs to show that you need to change the behavior, and the division is now dangerous to all.

To cope with worldwide difficulties, according to the Secretary General of the UN, only with more robust institutions of global governance and international cooperation. Guterres noted that the need to review the current methods of inter-state cooperation, under which more closely will work of the UN and its bodies, world Bank and IMF and regional organisations.

UN Secretary-General also called on world leaders to unite to solve the problems of the world and to allow international organizations to operate in order to successfully pass "the test of our time."

March 11, the who declared the outbreak of coronavirus infection by the pandemic. According to recent reports, confirmed by the world more 11,327 million cases COVID-19. Killed more than 532 thousand. According to statistics from the Johns Hopkins University, in the world revealed 11,626 million cases of the disease, and died 538 thousand people. Most cases in the United States, Brazil and India.

In Russia revealed 694 230 cases of coronavirus, has killed 10 494 people. Recovered more than 463 thousand patients.

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