In Sochi in the cave discovered a rare mollusc

Scientists, after more than 40 years of searching, discovered in a cave in Sochi rarest of shellfish, to maintain the population which is forbidden to equip its habitat to tourists, according to the Sochi national Park.

Scientists believed that the unique cave dweller - slug troglodytes Sokolova is found only on the planet of the Vorontsov cave of the Sochi national Park on the area not exceeding 200 square meters. It was initially found only five instances, but after 50 years made several discoveries. Such a rarity and the only place of discovery was the basis for the inclusion of species in the Red data book of Krasnodar region.

In the Sochi national Park said that troglodites Sokolova was so adapted to life in the darkness of caves that almost lost an eye (they are greatly reduced) and completely lost pigmentation of the body – animals and milky-white with a great mantle. Predatory lifestyle allows the cave to feed on small slugs and oligochaete annelids that live in caves.

More than forty years they searched for other caves of the Western Caucasus, but in addition to Vorontsov, he was never found. The Vorontsov cave troglobites Sokolova were found in the deep halls. A feature of the new findings is relatively close from the entrance location. Slug found on the floor in the main hall of the cave at a distance of only 50 meters from the entrance. Scientists believe that the finding provides a basis for further searches. However, troglobites Sokolova is one of the rare clam planet and is included in the list of the living emblems of the Sochi national Park.