In the Dominican Republic decided how to receive tourists

The Ministry of tourism of the Dominican Republic published the final security protocols that should be observed by tour operators and hotels to take the foreign visitors that the country became available from 1 July, according to ATOR.

At airports immediately upon disembarking from the plane, all passengers will measure the temperature. If it is above 38 degrees Celsius and/or there are other symptoms of the disease, tourists will do a quick test on COVID-19 and will take measures for their isolation and treatment.

The airports need to wear masks and observe social distance.

In addition to the immigration and customs cards on the plane, next to the Dominican Republic, now the passengers would have to provide "Medical certificate of a traveler".

In this questionnaire it is necessary to confirm the absence of any symptoms COVID-19 in the last 72 hours and leave contact information where guests can be found over the next 30 days.

Upon arrival at the hotel tourists will also measure the temperature, will sign a health Declaration. All baggage will be disinfected.

In identifying guests with symptoms of the disease will be introduced special protocols for isolation and care for these travelers, without closing the entire hotel for observation.

All employees of restaurants and bars will be tested for COVID-19 times in two weeks. Throughput establishments will be limited to 35 percent of the total load.

Guests are required to wear a mask when entering any room, however, they may want to remove it, sitting at the table. Antibacterial dispensers will be placed in accessible areas in all the bars.

The restaurants Breakfast buffet will remain, but tourists will be served by waiters to the dishes were treated exceptionally by the staff. The restaurants also introduced rules on the minimum distance of two meters between the tables and a limit of ten guests per table.

For ingredients and foods consumed raw will be used for food disinfectants. Will be frequent disinfection of all surfaces that touch employees and visitors.

In Maritime transport, and when doing water sports compulsory for measuring the temperature of each passenger before boarding any tour transportation and disinfection of all equipment used by the tourists.

So, loading vehicles and buses will not be more than 50 percent. Inside the vehicles the tourists need to wear masks. Sightseeing tours for groups will change so that the minimum overlap with other groups.