CEC will launch pilot projects for electronic voting

The first pilot projects on electronic voting in the regions it is planned to run for election this fall, said the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova.

A single day of voting will be held in Russia on September 13.

According to her, along with traditional forms of voting, the CEC will actively develop the direction associated with the electronic remote voting because the request for it from certain groups of citizens, especially in a situation of pandemic, have been very significant. Therefore, the geography, the use of electronic voting to further expand, said Pamfilova.

"In the near future, we will try to apply it throughout Russia. But will have to work very seriously, because the most sensitive issue is the issue of the security of the system", - said the CEC head.

Pamfilova said that it is hard to say whether the use of electronic voting in the Duma elections.

"Let's see how will pilot projects. And only on the basis of recommendations of experts of the highest level, as available. Now we can wish, we can strive for, but whether we are ready across the country, too early to tell," said Pamfilova.