The American pleaded guilty to illegal possession of intelligence

A US resident pleaded guilty to illegal possession of secret information to national security Agency U.S. (NSA) and the kidnapping of a child, according to the U.S. Department of justice.

It is noted that 47-year-old Elizabeth Jo Shirley, a resident of West Virginia, pleaded guilty on two counts in the indictment: "the intentional storage of information on national defence" and "international child abduction by one parent".

The Ministry of justice indicates that the American first gained access to classified data in August 1994, when he served in the U.S. air force. During his service in the air force, she also carried out various assignments of the NSA. During her career she served in various American departments and agencies, including the US Navy intelligence and the defense Ministry. Shirley for his service several times passed the "check for access to top secret information."

In July 2019, as alleged, a citizen of the United States with their six year old daughter went to Mexico. She planned to "contact the representatives of the Russian government and requested to move to a country that will not extradite her to the United States." At the same time with him in Mexico she picked up a document, which contained top-secret information on the national security of the United States.

The U.S. justice Department argues that Shirley, being in Mexico, have prepared a letter for the representatives of the Russian government, which stated "the urgent need to send US items related to her work, before they will take and destroy".

In August 2019, the law enforcement officers on a warrant for the arrest of the detained Shirley and her daughter at a hotel in Mexico city. The Agency notes that in addition to a top-secret document was confiscated equipment of the American. The FBI found a presentation that was made to the office of naval intelligence in the text were placed secret information. Agents found "messages that Shirley, being in Mexico, prepared to be sent to officials of the Russian government, the latter of which, as confirmed by the CIA provided information to the secret level."

The American faces up to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $ 250 thousand on charges of possession of classified information related to national security. On the second point, in connection with the prosecution about the illegal removal of the child to another country, to it threatens till three years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $ 250 thousand.