The government partially supported the project on fines ILV for search engines

The RF government Commission on legislative activities supports the project of empowering Roskomnadzor (RKN) the power to Institute administrative proceedings for repeated failure by the operator of the search system duties by blocking websites, access to which is restricted on the territory of the Russian Federation, under condition of its completion, a copy of the draft formal opinion of the Cabinet at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

The author of the initiative was the head of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Alexander Khinshtein (EP).

The bill proposes to establish responsibility for breach of requirements of legislation on information and to grant Roscomnadzor powers to initiate administrative proceedings for repeated failure by the operator of the search system duties to stop issuing information about the web sites, access to which is restricted in Russia.

The draft document notes that the Federal law "On information, information technologies and protection of information" provides for the obligation to take measures to restrict access or remove the information which distribution in Russia is forbidden, however, to date the corresponding responsibility for market entities for violations of the requirements is not provided and, in this context there is a need for additional legal regulation.

Also stressed that officials of Roskomnadzor is empowered, as on drawing up protocols on cases of administrative offence under part 2.1 article 13.40 of the administrative code ("breach of duties by the search system operator"), and the handling of such cases. However, according to part 1 of article 23.1 of the administrative code ("Judges") considering cases of administrative offense, provided for by this article belong to the exclusive competence of judges.

The Cabinet added that the investment of officials of Roskomnadzor powers in terms of production on Affairs about administrative offences can incur additional financing from the Federal budget, meanwhile, the requirements of article 83 of the Budget code of the Russian Federation the bill is not taken into account.

"The government of the Russian Federation supports the bill, subject to its revision for the second reading", - the document says.