In Ugra caught fire substation

The fire with a spill of transformer oil occurred at the substation in the Surgut district KHMAO, the fire is extinguished, the press service of the regional emergency Department.

Information about the fire on the technology of transformer substation in the Surgut district has received in the emergency services around 7.30 (5.30 GMT).

A firefighter has failed to promptly commence liquidation of fire, as the power plant was under high voltage. To de-energize the substation emergency team electricity could in 40 minutes. Then the flame with the installation of the fire knocked down pretty quickly, but continued to burn the spilled oil, said in the MOE. To eliminate the fire helped foam attack.

"In 9.07 (7.07 GMT) all units sounded "lights out", the fire was extinguished. According to preliminary information, the fire nobody has suffered", - stressed in the Department.

According to the MOE, the total area of the fire was 60 square meters, the cause of the accident set the bodies of inquiry. The power supply is switched to the backup line without interruption of supply to consumers, added the press service.