In three Japanese prefectures have declared the highest degree of danger

The main meteorological management of Japan announced the highest degree of danger in the three prefectures in the South-West of the country due to prolonged and heavy rains, reported the TV channel NHK.

The highest severity level out of five is declared in the prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga and Nagasaki in the North of the South-Western island of Kyushu. In some areas only one hour received more than 110 millimeters of rain. There is a great danger of floods, flooding residential areas, landslides. In eight prefectures declared the danger of landslides.

Forecasters warn that within the next days in the North of the island of Kyushu is expected loss of 250 millimeters of rain, on the southern island of Kyushu, and on Shikoku island – 180-200 mm.

At the moment, in the prefectures of Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku, and Oita on Kyushu evacuation recommended 350 thousand people.

Heavy rains that hit southwest Japan on Saturday, caused by floods, floods, landslides has claimed the lives of 50 people, three people are in critical condition, 11 people missing. Kyushu still without electricity are about 7 thousand people.

On the ground, rescuers and 10 thousand sent to the disaster area and the military. Showers from the South-West are moving North, now they affect not only Kyushu but also the island of Shikoku and part of the main Japanese island of Honshu. In some places, was destroyed roads and bridges making it difficult to assess the scale of the disaster.