The Russians again began to borrow for a vacation

The Russians after the removal of the regime of self-isolation again began to show interest in microloans to leave, although the demand has not yet returned to the previous level calculated for RIA Novosti in the financial marketplace "Unicom 24".

"Borrowers of MFIs after the removal of the regime of self-isolation began to manifest interest loans for vacation. In the period from 15 to 29 June, the share of applications for loans for this purpose amounted to 2-2,5%. It is at least 2 times lower than the traditional year (4-6% depending on the month), but by 1.5-2.5 percentage points higher than in may of the current year (not more than 0.5%)", - told analysts.

The General decline in interest in the company explained that half of the borrowers, in principle, decided to abandon the holiday this year, about a third - "not confident in the future" and not ready to go not such expenses. As a result, the experts expect that even in the absence of the second wave of coronavirus, the maximum share of loans on vacation this summer will not exceed 3-4%.

According to the company, in most cases, the borrowers lack of about 20-30 thousand roubles on a covering of expenses: the money they're spending on travel (20%), accommodation (30%), provision of daily needs (40%) and other purposes (10%).

The greatest demand for loans for vacation is observed in Moscow, Moscow region and St.-Petersburg. However, about 70% of MFI borrowers, who are going on vacation, plan to visit living in other regions of relatives and friends, and 30% of Russians want to go to rest in the Krasnodar region, the Crimea, Stavropol Krai or Altai.