The U.S. Supreme court refused to unblock the Keystone XL project

The U.S. Supreme court rejected the request of the US administration and the project developer TC Energy with a request to cancel a lower court decision blocking construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, should be published in the court documents.

In April the district court of Montana blocked previously issued by the engineering corps of the American army permit new pipelines cross bodies of water. It was a new blow to the project of the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which supports the administration of President Donald trump.

The Keystone XL project involves the construction of a pipeline with a length of 1.9 thousand km and a capacity of more than 800 thousand barrels a day from Canada's largest oil-producing province of Alberta to refineries on the Gulf coast.

The U.S. Supreme court's decision became unpleasant news for trump: on Monday, the Federal court in Washington decided to close a major pipeline Dakota Access on the claim of Indian tribes.

The decision of the Metropolitan court is another setback for the energy industry and the administration of Donald trump, in order to facilitate the construction of energy infrastructure. On the eve of Dominion Energy with partner Duke Energy abandoned the project of a major pipeline of ASR, given the numerous lawsuits and the uncertainty of prices and regulation. The energy Ministry blamed the closure of the project "environmental lobby".