The melting of permafrost could uncover viruses ancient ecosystems, the scientist believes

The melting of permafrost due to climate warming may lead to the exit surface of ancient ecosystems, including viruses, reported RIA Novosti senior researcher at the North-Eastern scientific-experimental station in the village of Chersky Pacific Institute of geography Feb RAS Sergey Davydov.

He noted that the remains of mammoths found anthrax. In addition, the reduction in the number of Yukaghirs – the people of North-Eastern Siberia at the time, happened because of the black smallpox in the North, it proceeded with a high mortality rate, said Davydov.

"It is not excluded the fact that somewhere in the permafrost smallpox preserved. The epidemic which were in the past, need to be studied," - said the scientist.

He also said that because of global warming is now seriously changing vegetation and species composition of birds in the North. For example, moves North line of forest, and the birds that nest in the Arctic sandpipers, gulls, feel the stress from more southern species.

"For example, on the Kolyma appeared Snowbird, it wasn't here before at all. Now it is mass, it has advanced even in the tundra. Increased the number of bushes, they rise along rivers in tundra. Warm waters, changing the composition of the fish. Sea permafrost begins to melt, to extract methane. The ocean accumulates more carbon dioxide and becomes chemically more acidic. This affects the reefs - they are destroyed", - said the scientist.

Davydov said that the increased number of seals and sea lions take up space where not previously met. On the coast, including the Laptev sea, seriously back down the coast, which in large part consist of ice.

"North is moving microbiota, sometimes pathogenic, Some species are reducing their habitat, or promote it to the North. But in nature it's always been: someone won, someone lost. And 500-200 thousand years ago, it was warming then too Protal part of the permafrost, it was already happening," - said the source.

He noted that while solid evidence that a person provokes warming, no. "Person affected, but the stock of organic matter in the permafrost is huge - twice the tropical forests. And warming everywhere is uneven, it is difficult to say how it will turn out in the future," said the source.