Group-IB have uncovered a new scheme of cyber attacks on banks and companies

Internet attackers have found a new method of attacks on banks and companies - distributed for a long time attack to conduct sabotage or espionage, said in an interview with RIA Novosti CEO and founder of the international company Group-IB, specializing in the prevention of cyber-attacks, Ilya Sachkov.

The attack can be distributed for a long time, even for several years: in 2017, made the first action, in 2018 - the second in 2019 - the third, in 2020 the fourth, therefore, to link these actions to a serial chain is very difficult, explained nets.

"I ask companies and banks to pay attention to attacks where the motivation is not financial, and subversive shpionazha. Too many people suddenly decided that spying with the development of the Internet should be less, but with the development of the Internet it became more," said Sachkov.

According to him, many companies believe that they are not of interest to intruders, however it is not so. "Maybe your company doesn't need, but it communicates with the company they need and at the right time on your behalf will be sent what you need the criminals", - he explained.

"The European Union, Singapore and North America are paying more attention to this, in my opinion. We should not shy away and pretend that this is not a problem. If you don't do it now, then it will be much worse", - concluded the head of Group-IB.