In new York opened manicure, Spa and tattoo parlors

Nail salons, Spa-centers and workshops on tattooing opened Monday in new York in light of the improving situation with coronavirus, authorities said.

New York until recently was the epicenter of the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States. In the state of new York from the disease died just 24 913 people. In the worst days of the pandemic here in the day died more than 700 people, more than 3 million came to the hospital.

As noted on the website of the Governor of the state of new York, the city entered into the third phase of opening businesses. The guide to the discovery of the notes that we are talking about businesses and services that are not related to hair care - this applies to tattooing and piercing, massage parlors, Spa-salons, cosmetology and nail care.

In premises may be up to 50% of the total number of employees. All staff should be wearing masks.

While restaurants will remain closed to visitors. They are allowed only to sit at a table under the open sky.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the United States registered almost 2.9 million cases of coronavirus, more than 130 thousand people died.

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