Moskalkova asked mishustina to support private kindergartens and schools

The Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova appealed to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin with the request to take measures in support of private gardens, schools and Universities left without state support and financial assistance after the pandemic coronavirus.

Earlier Moskalkova said that private schools and universities that do not receive financial support during a pandemic, is experiencing difficult times and need state aid.

"In terms of the spread of the new coronavirus infection government is taking systematic measures to support the economy... I Ask you, dear Mikhail, to instruct, to consider the adoption of measures to provide state support to non-profit organizations performing under the license of the educational activities as the main form of detail", - reads the statement of the Ombudsman.

Moskalkova noted the decline in revenue because of the pandemic, the majority of parents whose children attend private institutions. It emphasizes the Commissioner in turn has a negative impact on the financial position of non-state schools, kindergartens and universities, as well as their ability to carry out educational activities in full, keeping the teaching groups.

"Coming to my address indicate that a significant number of private non-profit educational institutions engaged in socially meaningful educational activities in the deteriorating situation with the spread of novel coronavirus infection was left without state support", - concluded in the document.

According to the Commissioner, the Chairman of the government already directed to the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation and Federal tax service instructions to address this issue.