In Russia, almost seven thousand soldiers have recovered from coronavirus

About seven thousand Russian troops have recovered from coronavirus, a day recovered 41 people, reported in the Bulletin of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

"For the past day in the Russian Armed Forces after the treatment recovered 41 soldiers. The total number recovered in the armed forces (cumulatively) increased to 6970 people", - stated in the message.

It is also noted that the total number of survivors among the civilian staff has grown to 814.

On July 6, the military control bodies, associations, formations, military units established 1268 military personnel with positive results of testing for coronavirus. Among the cadets and students of universities sick of 248 military.

The total number of military personnel and civilians receiving treatment in the multipurpose medical centers 16 of the Ministry of defense, is 713 people.

It is noted that in the new health centres aid is provided by the military and the civilian population. With the launch of multi-center, built for defense in 15 regions of the country, Medicaid has provided 1555 patients, of whom 281 - civil. All of them received the necessary treatment in hospital, recovered and were discharged, according to the Agency.

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