The problem COVID-19 can be solved only jointly with who, the expert believes

Coronavirus is a global problem that can be solved only in collaboration with world health organization, after the end of the study vaccines against coronavirus in Russia the provision of it to other countries will be reviewed by the relevant Executive authorities, said the head of the Center for clinical studies of medicines sechenovskiy University Elena Smolyarchuk.

Earlier, the press service of the Ministry of health reported that on June 18 in Sechenovskiy University begun clinical trials of a vaccine against the coronavirus. On Monday, the chief researcher of the world health organization Sumia Swaminathan said RIA Novosti that the who wanted more cooperation with Russia in the framework of the development of medicines and vaccines from COVID-19.

"Coronavirus infection is a global problem, and its solution is possible only in collaboration of the entire scientific and medical community with the participation of who. After the research and registration of vaccines in Russia, of course, the provision of it for use in other countries will be reviewed by the relevant Executive authorities", - told RIA Novosti Smolyarchuk.

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