Three communication satellites "Gonets-M" ready to be sent to Plesetsk

Three communication satellites "Gonets-M" is ready to be shipped to the Plesetsk cosmodrome, said the company "Information satellite systems named after Reshetnev" ("ISS" enterprise "Roscosmos").

In late June, a source in the rocket and space industry told RIA Novosti that in 2020, from Plesetsk is planned to start six "Messenger-M" - three for launch vehicles "Soyuz-2.1 b" in September and November-December. Prior to this "Messenger-M" in orbit rockets "Rokot".

"The company "ISS" started training three satellites "Gonets-M" to be shipped to the launch site launch," reads a statement on the website of the company.

It is noted that satellites were removed from storage and undergoes the electrical test.

Global low earth orbit satellite system "Gonets-D1M" is designed for communication and data transfer in remote and inaccessible areas, including the territory of the Extreme North, as well as for industrial, transport and environmental monitoring.

In may 2020 in the materials posted on the website of Roskosmos, reported that the group system "Gonets-D1M" is working part - 11 satellites "Gonets-M", instead of 12 prescribed (for three models in four dimensions). With eight machines already exhausted their guaranteed period.