In the village in the Saratov region revealed the outbreak of coronavirus

UPRAVLENIE Rospotrebnadzora across the Saratov region offers close to quarantine the village Novopolevaya Balakovsky district, where, after a funeral of a local resident recorded outbreak of coronavirus infection, said Deputy head of the Department Nadezhda Matveeva.

Only in the area of 7040 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, died, 45 patients recovered 3773. In the region closed for quarantine verkhazovka the village of Dergachi district, where an outbreak of coronavirus occurred due to the presence of the vector of infection at the funeral of one of the villagers.

"In the village Novopolevaya the same as in the village Verkhazovka Dergachi district, the funeral took place, which gathered quite a large number of the population, and then observed incidence among residents of the village. Today, together with contact was examined nine cases among the population of the village," - said Matveyev at a briefing on the situation COVID-19.

"The village of a population of about 500 people at 300 yards... For this village, this incidence is quite high. To prevent further spread of the disease among other villages and Balakovo district, are now preparing materials on the introduction of restrictive measures on the territory of the village Novopolevaya Balakovsky district," she said.

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