Chief editor of "Vedomosti" was Alexander Dementyev

Chief editor of "Vedomosti" was Alexander Dementyev, a former head of the online edition of the RBC, said the editor of media Ksenia Balicka.

"Chief editor of "Vedomosti" was Alexander Dementyev. Before was IT the RBC, then headed the online edition of the RBC, and the last few years working in the Rambler," wrote Bolarka in his Telegram channel.

Earlier, five Vice-chief editor, "Vedomosti" reported the resignation from the newspaper in protest against the appointment of the editor-in-chief Andrew Shmarova. Assign Shmarova, which is opposed by the staff of the publication, recommended that the Board of Directors of the "Business news media".

To this edition of "Vedomosti" published on the newspaper's website a message stating that the change in editorial policy of the newspaper fulfilling at that time duties of the chief editor Sharovym undermines the trust of the audience. Shmarov himself in conversation with RIA Novosti said that the newspaper cannot be independent of management, and the appearance on the website of the drafting of the statement only confirms the existence of freedom of expression.

In March shareholders "Vedomosti" Demyan Kudryavtsev, Vladimir Voronov and Marty Pompadur has announced a preliminary agreement to sell 100% of shares of JSC "BNM", which publishes "Vedomosti". The twenty-ninth of may, it was announced that the shares and assets of JSC "Business news Media" joined the JSC "Support" in the person of its founder Ivan Eremin.