Omsk taxi driver raped a passenger, then drove her home

Investigators in Omsk with the aid of the polygraph failed to prove the guilt of the driver in the rape of a 21-year-old girl, have informed in investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the region.

According to investigators, late in the evening of 20 April of the current year the inhabitant of Omsk, returning home from the hospital, caught on the street taxi.

"Taxi driver instead to take her at her return address, took the passenger to the County (the bypass - ed.) the road, near where the abandoned building was raped. In addition, he took a gold ring that had to have a girl. After that the driver brought the girl home," reports SUCK.

The victim turned to law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case on two counts – rape and robbery.

The suspect 36-year-old taxi driver was denied his guilt during the investigation, explained that "everything was consensual", and even volunteered to be tested on a lie detector, noted in SK. But research on the polygraph has shown that the taxi driver speaks the truth and hides the circumstances of the incident. After the defendant showed the results of the study, he admitted his guilt.

In the investigation Department added that the criminal investigation is completed, materials ready to be sent to the court.