Russia has sent doctors to Kazakhstan to help in the fight against COVID-19

The Ministry of health of the Moscow region told RIA Novosti that the experts of Kazakhstan to combat the spread of coronavirus infection were 26 leading physicians of the region.

"Doctors of the Moscow region for the period of the epidemic of the coronavirus showed themselves to be real professionals. Largely thanks to them the region has managed to reverse the situation with coronavirus infection. Our experts are ready to share the experience, so we responded to the request of colleagues from Kazakhstan and sent to the anaesthesiologists, infectious disease specialists, pulmonologists, epidemiologists to assist in the treatment of patients with COVID-19", - said the Minister of health of Moscow region Svetlana Strigankova, which quoted the press service.

Just to help sent 26 leading physicians of the Moscow region of Khimki, Odintsovo, Stupino, Mytishchi, Taldom and other hospitals where he worked temporary covenyi hospitals, told the Agency.

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