Russian Railways announced the return of all previously canceled trains "swift"

All trains, "swift", previously canceled because of the situation with coronavirus, from July 15 to get back on the route Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod, according to Russian Railways.

"In connection with the gradual lifting of restrictions and to meet the demand of passengers for travel JSC "FIC" (subsidiary of JSC "RZD") shall resume the running of trains "swift" between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. From July 15 in the graph are restored daily high-speed trains №№ 701/702, 703/704, 705/706, 707/708, 709/710", - the statement reads on Monday.

Earlier in connection with the unfavorable epidemiological situation the movement of most trains "swift" temporarily suspended, the schedule was maintained only train No. 704, and No. 705. As lifting restrictions 3 July on the route back and three pairs of trains that ran on separate dates.

High-speed trains "swift" capable of speeds up to 200 kilometers per hour. The average journey time between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod is just over 3 hours and 40 minutes. In the compounds included carriages with seats of the first and second class sleeping cars of class "luxury". All cars are equipped with climate control, which includes cleaning and disinfection of air, as well as environmentally friendly toilet facilities.

To protect the health of passengers and staff adopted a set of special measures. Before departure, the cars undergo a mandatory disinfection, cleaning with the use of special disinfectants and is in transit. After the departure of the convoys in flight thermometry is mandatory for all passengers with a contactless thermometer. Also the cars organized sale of PPE (masks, gloves, antiseptic, etc.).