The Taliban took a week for the start of negotiations after the release of prisoners

The Afghan radical movement "Taliban" ready for the week to start in the Qatar talks with the government after the release of all prisoners, an arrangement with the Qatari authorities about it there, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the political office of Taliban in Doha of Those Shahin.

Previously the TV station 1TV News reported the reluctance of the Afghan government to release about 600 prisoners, the release of which requires a radical grouping "the Taliban" . According to the channel, the authorities said the refusal to release Taliban prisoners 597. The Bureau of prisons of Afghanistan reported that most of those prisoners convicted of criminal offenses, murder.

"We are ready for a maximum period of one week to begin negotiations with representatives of the government immediately after the release of five thousand prisoners. There is an agreement with the authorities of Qatar to hold the first meeting within the framework of an intra-Afghan talks in Doha," said Shaheen.

He said that while the Kabul authorities released only 3 618 people, and the beginning of an intra-Afghan negotiations depends on the speed of their actions. According to Shahin, the venue of subsequent meetings between the Taliban and the government will be selected during the first meeting in Doha.

At the end of February in the Qatari capital of Doha was signed for the first 18 years of a peace agreement between the US and Taliban, which provided for prior to negotiations, the release of 5 thousand supporters of the Taliban and up to 1 thousand - those detained by the Taliban.