Australian veterinarians have saved a premature wombat orphan

In Australia, the vets came out premature wombat found in dead mother's pouch, according to Bored Panda.

A resident of Canberra is found on the road hit by a car wombat. It was a DOE in the bag which was a live baby. The man took the baby to the vet at the local animal rescue station.

It was a three-month girl, weighing just 125 grams. In nature the young live in the pouch of the mother for six to eight months and up to years to be near her. The vets called the wombat Elsie.

Rescuers made every effort to reach Elsie, but in success, no one believed. With such a small weight and the number of discovered diseases the chances of survival were extremely small. Baby was fed every three hours, giving only two milliliters of the nutrient mixture. When she went on the mend, doctors have translated it into five meals. Three months have passed and now Elsie weighs almost half a kilogram. Most of the day she sleeps under the covers, imitating the bag to my mother. Awake no more than one hour a day.

"Wombats are born very undeveloped, except for their forearms – they are at birth are well developed, as animals use them to move from the birth canal of the mother in the bag. Hind legs they are usually very skinny, and they need some time to get in shape. All this magic like a wombat develops, the person usually does not see, because this time, the calf does not get out of the mother bags. We're unable to watch it," he told Lindy, the first guardian of Elsie, volunteer rehabilitation center.