A resident of Omsk region killed the driver of the bus because of jealousy

The investigators found that the Omsk Mimino killed the bus driver because of jealousy, the case was submitted to the Prosecutor for approval of the indictment, according to the SUCK of the Russian Federation across the Omsk region.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of the Omsk region Vadim Ostapov, nicknamed Mimino Omsk became a suspect in the murder of 50-year-old bus driver who was found 10 July 2019 at the 59th kilometer of the highway Omsk - Sherbakul ' in Ford Tranzit. Local media reported that the wife of Ostapova met with the deceased. Defendants accused under two articles: murder and the manufacture, storage, carrying, transportation of firearms and ammunition.

"The accused, while in the car Ford Tranzit in the passenger seat, on the basis of jealousy inflicted blows to the head, and then fired a shot into his 50-year-old friend from a hunting rifle, which he produced... as a result... the searches were discovered evidence, and in the course of investigations of the defendant's alibi was denied," - said in a release.

The investigation has been completed, the materials are transferred to the Prosecutor. Ostapov is in custody.

The inhabitant of the Omsk region Vadim Ostapov became known that in 2017 on the passenger "Gazelle" was taken to free the Omsk pensioners from the neighboring villages. In his video blog on YouTube under the name "Omsk Mimino" (in honor of his favorite film) the man explained that carries several of the employees of the bakery to his wife, as well as free - seniors and the poor under contracts with the local heads of the settlements. After that, according to Ostapova, in Omsk, he was regularly threatened by other drivers who work officially. Ostap managed to become the hero of several talk shows on Federal channels.