The foreign Ministry told about the partnership agreement with Mongolia

Russia intends to intensify the common tasks in the field of practical cooperation and challenges in the international arena with Mongolia on the basis of the Treaty on friendly relations and comprehensive strategic partnership, said the Director of the first Department of Asian Affairs of Russia Georgy Zinoviev.

Earlier, the State Duma ratified the Treaty on friendly relations and comprehensive strategic partnership between Russia and Mongolia. The international Committee of the Federation Council at session on Monday recommended the house to ratify the document, the senators will consider it on Wednesday. The draft law was submitted to the Duma by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"We intend to contract on the basis of the decision to intensify our Mongolian partners common challenges in the field of practical cooperation and in the international arena. Moreover, in Mongolia, as shown by the recent elections to the state Great Hural (the Parliament) of the country, there is a growing request for the development of relations with our country. These tasks include strengthening cooperation in defence and military-technical areas, integrated connectivity in Eurasia, interregional and humanitarian exchanges and contacts between Mongolia and SCO, EAEC, CSTO," said Zinoviev in the Federation Council.

As noted by the representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Mongolian refers to the direction of the foreign policy priorities of Russia. According to him, the contract will be of unlimited duration.

It was noted that in the framework of the comprehensive strategic partnership the parties will develop on a stable and lasting basis of equal and mutually beneficial cooperation in politics, defence, security, Economics, trade, Finance and investment, infrastructure, transport and communications, energy, information technology, human relations, culture, art, education, science and technology, environment, health, sanitary and epidemiological well-being, as well as in other areas of mutual interest.