Abe urged to take measures to rescue people in the disaster zone by heavy rains

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in a meeting of the emergency headquarters for disaster relief in the South-West of the country due to heavy rains and floods urged the government "to closely monitor the fieldwork and to take immediate measures to save the lives of people."

"I urge you to closely monitor information from local governments and to take immediate measures to rescue people", - quotes Agency Kyodo words Abe.

The main meteorological Agency announced the highest level of risk on a five point scale for the three prefectures in southwest Japan due to heavy rains and resultant floods. On TV speakers urged people to evacuate immediately to the nearest emergency placement, and if it is impossible to climb to the upper floors of buildings or roofs.

According to the meteorological Agency of the country, the disaster areas are "unprecedented power showers". In some areas in the South-West of Japan has dropped to 800 millimeters of precipitation.

Due to river flooding dozens of villages were under water. Rescuers and military helicopters to evacuate people from the roofs of houses – in some places, the water flooded the second floor. Area flooding is already more than a thousand hectares. Hundreds of thousands of people received the recommendation to evacuate. According to recent reports, killed at least 41 people.

In the disaster area, in addition to police and fire protection, which in Japan performs the functions of the rescue service and the ambulance sent 10 thousand military forces. In floods more than ten thousand houses were without electricity, making it difficult to establish the scale of the disaster. At least in 11 places there were landslides.