The Afghan government refused to release about 600 prisoners of the Taliban

The Afghan government announced that they will not release about 600 prisoners, the release of which requires a radical grouping "the Taliban", reports the TV station 1TV News.

According to the channel, the authorities said the refusal to release Taliban prisoners 597. The Bureau of prisons of Afghanistan reported that most of those prisoners convicted of criminal offenses, murder.

It is reported that the Afghan government has released about 4 thousand Taliban prisoners. In turn, the Taliban demand Afghan authorities to release 5 thousand prisoners on the basis of an agreement with the United States. The Taliban, according to the channel, freed 616 prisoners.

The representative of the President of Afghanistan Sedik Sedici said earlier that the government is set to start negotiations, but the full release of the Taliban prisoners is important. The former commander of the Taliban Sayed Akbar Agha also said that the movement insists on the release of prisoners before the inter-Afghan negotiations.

At the end of February at a ceremony in Qatar, the US and the Taliban signed their first for more than 18 years of war a peace agreement, which provides for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in 14 months and the beginning of an intra-Afghan dialogue after the transaction for the exchange of prisoners.