In Israel, stated that the annexation of the West Bank in the coming days will not be

The application of Israeli sovereignty in parts of the West Bank of the Jordan river are scheduled over the coming days, said the foreign Minister of Israel Gabi Ashkenazi in an interview with radio Kan.

"It is not included in the agenda for today or tomorrow," said Ashkenazi in response to a reporter's question.

"I don't know (whether applied sovereignty - ed.), but I can say that the foreign Ministry is preparing a diplomatic assessment, and the Ministry of defence weighing the risks in the area of security. This will have serious consequences", - the Minister added.

The head of the Israeli foreign Ministry also reported that he had discussed the Israeli plan with more than 30 foreign Ministers, mostly from EU countries. According to the Minister, many of them object to the idea of Israel's annexation of the West Bank.

"We will take this into account when making decisions," said Ashkenazi.

Earlier, Netanyahu said that the spread of Israeli sovereignty on parts of the West Bank of the Jordan river will occur in July and the intention to change the date there.

Peace plan the White house submitted to US on January 28, recognizes Jerusalem as the United and undivided capital of Israel, makes Israel the opportunity to Annex Palestinian territory in the West Bank of the Jordan river and to extend its sovereignty over the Jordan valley, and also offers the creation of a demilitarized Palestinian state without control over its borders and airspace. As the future capital of Palestine, the plan proposes village of Abu Dis in the Eastern suburbs of Jerusalem.

The Palestinians and several Arab countries, this plan is not adopted, as it, in their view, deprives Palestinians of the right to those areas that are stipulated by the UN resolutions.