Media: in new York, demolished and damaged a statue of the abolitionist Douglas

Unknown demolished and damaged the statue escaped from slavery to abolitionist Frederick Douglas in Rochester, new York, reports the Washington Examiner.

It is reported that the incident occurred on a holiday weekend on the occasion of the independence Day of USA. The damaged statue was found about 15 metres from the pedestal on which it was installed.

According to the publication, unknown persons damaged and demolished a statue in day, 168-th anniversary of the famous speech of abolitionist "That slave is the 4th of July?", in which Douglas, who escaped from slavery in 1838, said that from the point of view of a slave July 4 (US independence Day) is a day "which shows him more than the rest of the days in a year is a huge injustice and cruelty, a constant victim of whom he remains."

It is noted that at the moment it is not known why the statue of Douglas was subjected to vandalism. Police have not announced suspects in the case.

A number of the statues were removed by the authorities or spontaneously demolished in recent weeks amid mass protests after the death of the African-American George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis. This raised the monuments to soldiers and generals of the slave South during the Civil war in the United States, as well as the statue of the discoverer of America Columbus, which left-wing activists accused of genocide of the indigenous population of America.