The expert commented on new orders of RD-180 engines from USA

USA have a supply of Russian RD-180 engines for launches of its rockets Atlas-5 years ahead, and it is unclear whether they are still of their order, told RIA Novosti the head of the space policy Institute Ivan Moiseev.

Liquid rocket engine RD-180 NPO "Energomash" used in the first stage of the rocket Atlas-5. In the United States to replace the Atlas-5 rocket being developed by Vulcan, at the first step which will be installed engines of the BE-4 company Blue Origin. On Saturday it became known about the delivery of the first test of the engine BE-4.

"The last two or three years, they increased their orders, creating inventory (RD-180, ed.). Already the stock is large. That's so hard to say that they are finished (order), this is not" - said Moiseev.

"I think that wouldn't order, but it is not excluded just. That is, it is purely their internal strategic vision - if they were stock or not," he added.

It is known that "Energomash" has put in US 116 RD-180 engines, of which 90 used. In addition, the expected delivery of six new engines in 2020.

"If intelligently rocket to enter (in operation - ed.), it appears the new missile Vulcan... next year or the year after, then the rocket (Atlas-5 - edition), which replaces another five years of flying," explained Moses.