The expert commented on the statement of the commander of the Ukrainian Navy

Scientific Secretary of the military scientific society of the black sea fleet, Professor of the Academy of military Sciences of the Russian Federation Sergey Gorbachev called the empty statement on the preparation of naval forces of Ukraine to full-scale warfare with Russia, because the actual naval forces from the Ukrainian side are missing.

Earlier, the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine (CMU), Alexei Neiipp in interview to the newspaper "Duma" has declared that the battle fleet is preparing for full-scale warfare with Russia. In particular, according to him, Ukraine intends to "return" the Crimea and is preparing for war with Russia. The rear Admiral stressed that signal the beginning of the confrontation will become Russia's attempt to restore the flow of water through the North-Crimean canal to the Peninsula.

"Such empty outrageous statement is made solely to attract attention and as the newly appointed persons to assert themselves. From the practical point of view such a statement is worth nothing, because the naval forces of the state of Ukraine in the classic sense do not exist. There is a set of representatives of the various branches of the Navy such as naval infantry, naval aviation, surface forces, but in fact they exist in kupirovano, and sometimes in exotic form," - told RIA Novosti Gorbachev.

According to him, the current state of naval forces of Ukraine can be characterized solely as a force capable of identify the cover of the Maritime boundary of the territorial waters.

"Today, the naval forces of Ukraine are in poor condition, and provide some opposition, I'm not talking about resistance, these operetta Navy completely incapable," - said the expert.

In his opinion, such a statement is made with purpose to attract the attention of third parties, especially NATO, the Ukrainian military fleet.

"Such statements show the willingness of Ukraine to attempts of provocations in the Black and Azov seas, to draw a third force in the black sea region. Russia, however, there is absolutely no reason to unleash any actions against Ukraine, especially for such fictional events as the restoration of the water supply of the Peninsula. It is the desire of Kiev to wishful thinking. Because of the North-Crimean channel will not fight anybody, but the provocation from the Ukrainian side is quite possible," - said the expert.