The ex-COP commented on the genuflecting law enforcement

The genuflecting of police with protesters is acceptable, unless it is the expression of a political position, but simply in solidarity with the society, says ex-police Raj of Ramnarine from Minnesota.

He worked in the police in different capacities for 25 years.

"If I, for example, at the protest and there's a group of people who all decide to get on one knee. And if I work, this is not a problem, provided that it is not a reflection of political views, and more to do with the standards of society, I think it's permissible," he said.

According to Ramnarine, the police leadership should understand that such gestures can be a demonstration of solidarity with society, if they want to police were perceived as part of it.

"The ability to distinguish political from social and ideological or expressions of support – in that matters", he added.

As a good example of expressing solidarity with society, he cited the situation when the police began to dance along with the protesters, and