Netanyahu and Gantz fighting for options for the future of annexation, says expert

The government of Israel is a struggle for the parameters for the future annexation of the territories of the West Bank of the Jordan river, while the leader of the "Kahal-Lebanon" defense Minister benny Gantz will come out of coalition government to prevent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to extend Israeli sovereignty over the settlement enclaves, said to RIA Novosti, the political scientist Arik Elman.

"The annexation was not supposed to begin on 1 July - this was the date in the agreement Gantz and Netanyahu as the point after which the Prime Minister may make proposals for annexation to a government free of veto by "Kajol Laban". It is hard to imagine that "Kajol Laban" is in violation of this agreement and under the threat of the elections will require Netanyahu to abandon the annexation in any form," - said Elman. In his opinion, primarily due to the fact that, according to sociologists, the situation of Ganz's not the most durable.

"Instead, Ganz and foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi used his influence from within, in order to facilitate this decision about the annexation, which will correspond to their idea of the areas in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank of the Jordan river - ed.) can be attached to Israel, causing irreparable damage to Israel's relations with Jordan and moderate Arab countries", - said the analyst.

Earlier, Netanyahu said that the spread of Israeli sovereignty on parts of the West Bank of the Jordan river will occur in July and the intention to change the date there. It did not happen up to the present time not only because of the discussions in the government, but also due to the fact that Israel could not agree on the parameters of the annexation with the administration of U.S. President Donald trump.

"Another factor influencing the process of annexation is the position of the United States. For the administration of the tramp was important since the publication of the "deal of the century" that her support was not confined to the limits of the Israeli right-wing camp. So the question of the annexation of Washington seeks to encourage Jerusalem to reach some sort of consensus, and this will affect the options of annexation," said Elman.

However, in the right political camp of Israel, and even in the settlement movement, there are forces opposing the decision about the annexation due to the fact that the trump plan, which provides for the application of Israeli sovereignty to settlement enclaves in the West Bank and the Jordan valley, in the end, you may receive and the Palestinian state, said the analyst.

"No, as we have seen, agreement among the Israeli right - there is an ongoing fight between the pragmatists who want to realize the advantage given to Israel by President trump, and those for whom any recognition of the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria remains an ideological taboo", - concluded the expert.

Peace plan the White house submitted to US on January 28, recognizes Jerusalem as the United and undivided capital of Israel, makes Israel the opportunity to Annex Palestinian territory in the West Bank of the Jordan river and to extend its sovereignty over the Jordan valley, and also offers the creation of a demilitarized Palestinian state without control over its borders and airspace. As the future capital of Palestine, the plan proposes village of Abu Dis in the Eastern suburbs of Jerusalem. Glad the Palestinians and the Arab countries, this plan is not adopted, as it, in their view, deprives Palestinians of the right to those areas that are stipulated by the UN resolutions.